Care and maintenance

Dolls are delicate creatures that require regular maintenance and care. Please pay attention to the doll manufacturer's instructions when purchasing cleaning and care products, as many commercial gels and shampoos can damage silicone and TPE-Dolls.

As well silicone as TPE dolls should be powdered regularly - preferably weekly, at least once a month. For this, no expensive "activation powder" has to be purchased from the manufacturer; in general, simple cornstarch (from the supermarket) or baby powder (from the drugstore) is just as suitable.

A Doll Stand, also known as Bracket or Support System, is a robust hanging device for dolls which come with a neck bolt or a doll hook. With this device, the doll can be hung from a hook and so placed in an upright position.

Doll Stands are suitable for permanent storage of dolls because they help to avoid pressure points. Also, doll stands make it easier do dress or undress a doll.

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