Z-Onedoll (formerly only Onedoll) is a brand of the Chinese company GNSETC (Guangzhou New Sino Environmental Technology Company).

The Z-Onedoll product line includes lifelike and life-sized dolls made of silicone. Currently, the following models with different body styles are available to choose from:

  • ZO-170 (ca. 170 cm),
  • ZO-162 (ca. 162 cm),
  • ZO-160 (ca. 160 cm),
  • ZO-160/B (ca. 160 cm),
  • ZO-150 (ca. 150 cm),
  • ZO-151 (ca. 151 cm) - new,
  • ZO-138 (ca. 138 cm) - new,
  • ZO-130 (ca. 130 cm) - new,
  • ZO-120 (ca. 120 cm).

The ZO-140 (ca. 140 cm) and ZO-158 (ca. 158 cm) body styles have been retired.

The predecessors of the current product line were marketed under the Onedoll brand. These dolls are no longer manufactured:

  • Onedoll A006 - 168 cm ("Lisa"),
  • Onedoll A005 - 154 cm ("Ozawa"),
  • Onedoll A004 - 136 cm ("Penny") and
  • Onedoll A007 - 125 cm.

Factory address:


Guangzhou New Sino Environmental Technology Company

LongShan Industrial Park

Building C, 4th floor

Guangzhou TianHe District


China China