Doll Forever

Doll Forever, also known as Doll 4ever or D4E, is a Chinese supplier of TPE love dolls.

The Chinese supplier produces innovative TPE love dolls, which feature some interesting enhancements.

  • Among others, these novel features include a skeletal construction that allows standing without screws poking through the soles of the feet.
  • Another unique feature in the TPE doll segment is that D4E replaced the gooseneck with hinged joints. Hinged joints do not creak when moving, and they increase the robustness of the doll's neck.
  • Also, wrists and ankles are also fully hinged.
  • The vaginal canal is truly closed - there's no TPE plug that can get loose and allow enter the doll, causing the skeleton to rust.
  • A new TPE blend called "Premium TPE" promises excellent softness and elasticity, strong ability to resist deformation, and the material has a very good resilience and tear resistance.

At launch time, Doll Forever presents three different body styles, the medium-sized D4E-135, and the life-size models D4E-155 and D4E-165. For the medium-sized body style there are three different heads to choose from, and there are already three heads for the two life-size body styles as well.

Another interesting product is the D4E Torso Legs. It can stand on its own feet, like the full-sized dolls, but it can also be attached to a specially designed stand.

Doll Forever doll family as of 2016
Doll Forever doll family as of 2016
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