Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot


The Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot is a female gynoid (fembot) by Z-Onedoll. This robot doll can talk in "chatting mode" (speech synthesis) and understand (voice recognition), and it can perform certain movements:

  • The doll can blink with the eye lids;
  • the doll can move her eyes;
  • the lips move when talking.

Optionally, the robot doll can be equipped with body heating.

The animatronics are controlled through an Android app.

Many attributes of this body can be individually customized; for example, the skin color, eye color, and the hair color can be configured according to personal preferences.

The Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot was introduced in September 2016. It is the first commercially available gynoid.

Please choose your desired configuration from the following options.

  • If you are not sure which option to choose, we will gladly give advice: View contact form.
  • If you choose "doesn't matter", we will decide together with the manufacturer corresponding with availability.
  • If you have special requirements that are not available in the listed options, we will check with pleasure what is possible: View contact form.

Choose body style.

Choose eye color.

Choose lip color.

Choose wig.

Choose skin tone.

Choose Tattoo (optional).

Choose size of the areolae.

Choose nipple color.

Choose attributes of the skeleton.

Choose style of finger nails.

Choose style of toe nails.

Choose attributes of vagina and vulva.

Choose pubic hair style (optional).

Choose attributes of the anus.

Choose extras (optional).

Choose packaging.

Narrow down quality level.

Usage and care:

Love doll. The robot doll by Z-Onedoll was developed as a mixture of a love doll and a robot. She allows vaginal and anal sex. The head is fixed to the body; it can not be removed or exchanged.

The robot doll must not be completely submerged under water as the neck area is not watertight and should be protected against splashing water and moisture. Special care is recommended when cleaning the fembot.

Dolls with the "standing skeleton", "body heating", or "audio replay" options are not waterproof. ZO dolls with a standing skeleton can only take a shower if the feet are adequately protected against water and moisture. ZO dolls with electronics or animatronics should not be taken into the shower.

For cleaning it is recommended to use a mild hand soap and clear water. Strongly degreasing detergents and shampoos are to be avoided.

After drying, the doll can be powdered. As a powder, as well cornstarch (from the supermarket) as babypowder (from the drugstore) can be used. If you like fragrances, you can add a splash of your favourite perfume to the powder.

Storage. This doll is not designed for long-term hanging. The manufacturer recommends to store the robot doll laying flat on her back. A thick soft foam cushion helps to avoid compression marks.

Also, please note our general care instructions for silicone products!

Scope of supply:

The robot doll's scope of supply includes

  • the body and the fixed head,
  • a pair of eyes (half-rounds) according to your choice,
  • a wig according to your choice,
  • a garment according to the manufacturer's choice,
  • if applicable, a vagina insert (when the insert option was ordered),
  • a power supply cable.

Other accessories are not included with this doll.

However, some of the following 'factory gifts' might or might not be included in the shipment:

  • plush blanket,
  • condoms,
  • TPE stain remover,
  • TPE adhesive,
  • powder,
  • plastic comb,
  • plastic enema,
  • cotton gloves,
  • additional wig.

These accessories change according to availability and are to be considered as optional 'factory gifts'.

Puchase and manufacturing process:

Customizing your doll and assembling the desired configuration. With the form above, you can assemble your desired configuration and then add it to the shopping cart. During the checkout, there is also the possibility to leave comments on the order, for example, if you have questions or customzation options do not fit into the order form.

The following customization options are currently available:

Additionally, there are some more options for

Last but not least, all ZO dolls can be equipped with body heating, and for some heads an audio replay feature is available; learn more about Z-Onedoll's body heating and audio replay.

The selected customization options are submitted to the manufacturer and will be confirmed. If certain configuration combinations are not feasible or special requests would lead to surcharges, you will receive a corresponding notification, or otherwise an order confirmation.

For certain models, you can select a Quality Level:

  • Standard quality means that the doll is delivered as she is supplied by the factory. In case of controlled delivery, only a goods receipt check is performed. These are precisely the same products, which are referred to elsewhere as "premium quality". Experience has shown that made in Chinea products can be of a high quality, indeed - but also there may be variations in production quality.
  • Best possible quality means that an extensive test procedure is carried out by an independent service provider on location in China. This procedure is called Personal Quality Check or in short PQC. More information about the PQC.

A final price offer for the chosen configuration is only made with the order confirmation. Up to this point, you can change configuration options at any time. If you are still unsure about some customizations, give yourself to a few days of contemplation. Only when you are completely satisfied with your desired configuration, you transfer the amount shown in the order confirmation.

Individual production. After payment has cleared, your robot doll will be individually manufactured and equipped according to the selected customization options. The lead time to make a robot doll is typically about 40-50 (working) days, as of May 2017. Usually, a couple of confirmation photos are made available by Z-Onedoll when the doll is completed in China.

Shipping. Upon completion, your robot doll will be carefully packed and forwarded to the shipping carrier. Shipping to to most destinations in the U.S. takes about one week. Your robot doll will most likely travel with Fedex; if you prefer alternative shipping options, please contact us in advance: View contact form.

For shipment tracking you will receive a tracking code. Within tracking, an estimated delivery date is given.

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Z-Onedoll Silicone Robot with Z-Onedoll ZO-A21 head (robot variant)